slideout shelving
Slide and Roll Shelves for your Home, Office or Garage


Slide out Shelf Benefits

  • Easy access
  • Save your back & knees
  • Organize hard to reach areas
  • Save time searching for items
  • Raise the value of your home

    ONLY $139 PER SHELF!!

Free Measuring

We will measure your cabinets to determine the sizes and number of slide-out shelves that will be needed.

Free Estimate

When it is determined how many shelves are needed we will give you an estimate of the total cost of the installation of the shelves.

Custom Work

Gary has over 35 yrs experience in building room additions, Patios, Gazebos Wall units and children's play houses. Your custom requests are professionally handled and executed .Something big companies would not be able to do for you.

What are slide out shelves?

Kitchen pull outSlide out shelves have been around for a while. You will find that people call them different names; pull-out drawers,pull out shelving, slide shelves, kitchen pullouts, slide out drawers, roll out drawers, sliding drawers, just to name a few.
The main purpose of these handy shelves is to give easy access to "hard to get to" places and allow you to organize your pantry items in such a way that you can readily see what is in your cabinet.
Installation of slide-out shelving can be done without remodeling your kitchen or cabinets. The roll-outs simply sit on existing shelves that are secured to the cabinet.
Sometimes existing shelves have more room between them than needed. It is easy to add extra shelves to create more storage space.

Slide-out shelving can be applied to any cabinet in your home, garage or office, in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or wet bars where ever you have closets pantries or other storage areas. All at an affordable price!
Let us come to your home and give you a free estimate!

Our Materials

dovetailed corners in slideout shelves
  • We use high-end birch wood, no "pressed" or "engineered" wood
    in the slide out shelves.
  • Cabinetry slide out shelves have been tested to support up to 100 lbs.