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My Promise to You!

gary stimac


  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Dependability
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Quality Products
  • Dedication


A Little Background

My father was a drywall installer for new construction. When I was 8 years old I would tag along on my vacations. The new construction sites always had lumber laying around and I was always tinkering around making things with it.

My father also did remodeling, and whenever he could he would take me with him. I was able to learn the trade from him. You could say it was ingrained in me to build things.

When I got married, my wife and I purchased an old home that was in desperate need of repair. Our house became the envy of our neighbors who then hired me to remodel their home

My skills were a major blessing when my Dad passed in 1983. My Mom and my youngest sister were unable to stay in the family home and I moved them in with me even though we did not have a lot of room. I had a two car garage and built an entire residence for them including bath, kitchen, bedroom and living area

My daughter nicknamed me the "Godfather" because I seem to be the guy everyone comes to when they have a construction problem.

I worked at the local Caterpillar Dealer for 30 years as a shop foreman, product support, territory sales person, product support sales manager and lastly as a branch Manager. I also served in the United States Marine Corps

It is this experience I bring to my business and ultimately to you as my customer. My goal is to not only please and excite my customers but to build this business into something I can pass along to my grandchildren.

I have been married to the one true love of my life for 36 years and have a beautiful daughter and two grandchildren with one on the way!